Day Care Surgery

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We are providing highly professional and comprehensive of surgical service and dedicated medical practitioners. We utilize the most advanced technology available to provide an outstanding level of safety and recovery to patients. There is no need to admit the patient; they can be discharged on the same day decreasing the risk of potential infection from a hospital stay, as there is no further exposure with patients who may be infected or sick. The financial impact on the patient is also lessened as patients spend less time in the recovery ward, being discharged on the same day and therefore reducing costs. The fast-track recovery of the patient enables the patient to return home as well as re-join work quicker as there is no need to stay in hospital for additional days, further benefiting the patient financially.

General Surgeries

OB-Gyn Surgeries

Plastic surgeries

Orthopedic Surgeries

Emergency Care 90%
Outdoor Checkup 80%
Blood Test 70%
Pharmacy 65%

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