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Dr. Elie Loutfi

Anesthesia Consultant

  • Years of experience : 27
  • Nationality : Lebanese
  • Education :Degree 1: General Medicine Lebanese University, Lebanon (October 1987-June 1995) Degree 2: Anesthesiology American University of Beirut, Lebanon (July 1996-June 2000) Degree 3: Pain Medicine Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA (July 2000-June 2001)
  • Qualifications :
      - Pain Medicine
        1. Preoperative Assessment
        2. Anesthesia Administration
        3. Monitoring Vital Signs
        4. Pain Management
        5. Airway Management
        6. Intraoperative Care
        7. Postoperative Car
        8. Critical Care Consultation
        9. Chronic Pain Management
        10. Emergency Response
        11. Consultation and CollaborationTreatments : 

Pain Medicine – Anaesthesiology and Intensive

Pain Medicine  – Unlocking Tranquility in Turbulent Times: Elevate Care with Anaesthesiology and Intensive Expertise.

In the realm of healthcare, Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care stand as the vigilant guardians of serenity amidst chaos. With precision and compassion, we navigate the delicate balance between consciousness and oblivion, ensuring comfort and stability for every patient.

Our skilled hands and compassionate hearts merge seamlessly, orchestrating a symphony of expertise to safeguard lives in critical moments. Through meticulous monitoring and tailored interventions, we redefine the boundaries of medical excellence.

Trust in us,  We are the steadfast sentinels, the unwavering protectors of life’s most vulnerable junctures. Together, we forge a path towards recovery, redefining resilience and rekindling hope.

Experience the artistry of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care – where every breath counts, every heartbeat matters.

Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care are integral branches of medicine dedicated to ensuring patient comfort, safety, and stability during surgical procedures and in critical medical situations.

anaesthesiologist specialize in administering anesthesia, a crucial element that allows patients to undergo surgery painlessly and without conscious awareness. They carefully tailor the type and dosage of anesthesia to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring a smooth and controlled surgical experience.

Intensive Care, on the other hand, focuses on providing specialized care to patients facing life-threatening conditions or those recovering from complex surgeries. Intensive care professionals, including critical care physicians and nurses, employ advanced monitoring techniques and specialized interventions to support patients in their most vulnerable moments.

Pain Medicine – anaesthesiologist and Intensive Care Doctor

Together, these fields play a pivotal role in modern healthcare, ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care during both routine and critical medical situations. The expertise of Anaesthesiologists and Intensive Care professionals is characterized by precision, compassion, and a dedication to safeguarding the well-being and comfort of every patient they serve. Their collective efforts contribute significantly to the success of surgeries and the recovery of critically ill patients, making them indispensable pillars of the medical community.

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