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Dr. Nora Al-Tamimi


    • Years of experience: 29
    • Nationality: Qatar
    • Certifications: Primary Medical Qualification MD from Arabian Gulf University.
  • Education Qualifications :
      • Medical Council of Canada Evaluation Examination for graduates of International Medical School
        Part | Arab board in General Surgery
        Completed Arab Board in General Surgery
  • Treatments : 
      Acute and Reconstructive Burn Surgery
      Body Sculpting
      Breast Augmentation
      Breast Lift
      Breast Reduction
      Face Lift
      Hand Surgery

a distinguished Senior Consultant in the field of Female Plastic Surgery, renowned for her expertise and dedication to enhancing and restoring patients’ well-being. With a wealth of experience, Dr. Al-Tamimi has established herself as a leader in the realm of surgical innovation and compassionate patient care. Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Al-Tamimi has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, employing cutting-edge techniques in Female Plastic Surgery to achieve optimal outcomes for her patients.


Her proficiency spans a wide range of procedures, including aesthetic enhancements, reconstructive surgeries, and advanced techniques in facial and body contouring. As a Senior Consultant, Dr. Al-Tamimi plays a pivotal role in mentoring and guiding the next generation of medical professionals. Her passion for continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest advancements in her field positions her as a thought leader, contributing significantly to the evolution of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Known for her empathetic approach, Dr. Al-Tamimi ensures that each patient receives personalized and comprehensive care. Her ability to communicate effectively and establish a strong rapport with patients fosters a supportive environment, where individuals feel empowered and confident in their treatment decisions. Dr. Nora Al-Tamimi’s commitment to excellence, paired with her compassionate approach, has earned her the trust and admiration of both peers and patients alike. Her contributions to the field reflect a dedication to advancing the art and science of plastic and reconstructive surgery while prioritizing the overall well-being and satisfaction of those under her care.

With a rich tapestry of experience, Dr. Al-Tamimi has earned a reputation for her proficiency in a wide spectrum of plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures. From intricate aesthetic enhancements to complex reconstructive surgeries, she navigates the intricacies of her craft with precision and artistry.