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A major benefit is comprehensive fat removal: deep and superficial fat layers can be addressed, unlike traditional lipo where only the deep layer can be removed. The removal of superficial fat is unique to VASER liposuction and now allows you to obtain a “six pack” for men or “four pack” for women.

Preservation of healthy fat: traditional liposuction distroys fat cells but Vaser lipo removed fat rather than destroying it which means it can be used in other areas of the body like the buttocks, breasts, face or any area that would benefit from fullness.

Minimal down time: minimizes pain and recovery. Vibratory and resonance function using small titanium probes allow fat cells to break up prior to aspiration.

Benefits of VASER High Definition Liposuction over Traditional Liposuction

Less blood loss and brusing: Since the fat cells are loose, there is less trauma during fat aspiration which minimizes damage to vessels thus reducing blood loss. When blood products are spilled this results in unnecessary bruising and longer recovery; in addition, blood products induce an inflammatory reaction that triggers nerves responsible for pain in the postoperative period.

Benefits of VASER High Definition Liposuction over Traditional Liposuction

Skin tightening: ultrasound and heating ability of the VASER system results in tightening of the skin that may optimize liposuction results by minimizing risk of contour irregularities and cellulite formation; an additional benefit includes potentially avoiding more invasive surgeries as below:

  • May avoid need for skin excision such as in a mini tummy tuck surgery.
  • May avoid unsightly scar that may result from excision of redundant breast skin during gynecomastia surgery.
  • May avoid need for lateral thigh and buttocks tuck during lower back and buttocks contouring.
  • May avoid brachioplasty incision during upper arm contouring.

Improved fat grafting results: whether you are considering fat grafting to the breast or a Brazilian Butt Lift, the limiting factor usually involves lack of sufficient fat volume. With Vaser and Puregraf technology, improved fat volumes and fat cell survivability can now be realized.

More and more surgeons are VASER High Definition Liposuction over traditional liposuction for the benefits to their patients.